Certificate Verification

Biomedical Waste Disposal Certificate Verification for Local Self Governments

Our certificate verification process ensures transparency and reliability in biomedical waste disposal. It empowers you with the knowledge that your waste has been treated and disposed of as per regulations.  In case of any discrepancies or questions about the verification, you can contact our customer support. The contact details will be provided on the verification results page.

Your Trusted Partner in Creating a Healthier Environment

Rescigo Health simplifies medical waste disposal. Our compliant solutions ensure worry-free waste management, meeting the highest industry standards. With on-site or off-site options, we handle transportation and disposal, allowing you to focus on quality patient care. Our facility aligns with Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016, offering integrated services for collection, treatment, and disposal. As India’s premier domestic biomedical waste solution, Rescigo Health revolutionizes waste management, letting you concentrate on what you do best: serving your patients.

Step-by-Step Guide to Verify Your Biomedical Waste Disposal Certificate

Enter Unique Certificate Number: Find the unique certificate number provided to you on your disposal certificate. It’s a combination of letters and numbers. Enter this code accurately in the designated field

Initiate Verification: After entering the certificate number, click on the “Verify” button. Our system will process the information and take you to the verification results page.

View Disposal Status: On the verification results page, you’ll see detailed information about your waste disposal status. This includes the date of disposal and method of disposal. 

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